You can enjoy the flowers of all four seasons
in Yanagida Botanical Park.

If you take a walk in the 500,000m2 garden, seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, Japanese irises, and hydrangeas will greet you here and there. There are 1081 Noto Kirishima azaleas, more than 50 kinds of bamboo, 37 types of roses, old karin (P. sinensis) and giant holly trees, and a 400-year-old Noto Kirishima azalea that reminds you of the magnificent flow of time. In Noto, a culture of sustainable forest regeneration maintains the Satoyama forests that are used for making charcoal from red pine and oak trees. There is an area in the park where the vegetation is left untended, so small creatures, such as stag beetles and other types of beetles, can inhabit the young trees. Please take a closer look and try to discover them. We also recommend that you take a leisurely stroll along the mossy paths in the sunlight through the trees.